Why tagvy?

Bummer, you got us. Why not? tagvy aggregates a lot of interesting stuff, some say, and there are colourful pictures. The mixture is key, others whisper. Best of all, it's not a search engine like Google, but rather a find engine - tagvy aggregates (mostly) up-to-date images and information, so you find something new in every try. Give it some minutes, though.

How to change the banner image

It's easy. Just add the picture url to your bookmark (see below) or the browser's address bar. For example,


The picture's size should be at least 180x800 pixels or it will be repeated (which is a good thing for patterns, but might result in a bit of oddness for normal images; but now you know). Better yet, make it 180x1000, with the first 180x800 with the real picture and the rest (180x200) in plain white (transparent).

What, exactly, is a tagball?

Everything you want it to be. Well, not really. It's just the aggregated state of information tagvy gives you for a tag. You can save a tagball just like a web page or a web archive.

How to bookmark a tagball

It's easy. Just add the bookmark like you would with every other page. In Safari, for example, you can press Apple-D to add the current page.

Why does tagvy cache tagballs?

As a decent netizen, tagvy tries to keep the traffic low on the sites it searches. And, we dare say, tagballs don't change within seconds. Sometimes they don't change for hours. Allegedly, there even was a furry tagball that didn't change for a whole 31 days! And after that it only changed because it was forced to.